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Anyone remember me?

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I don't think I've been on since early 2014.. after I wrecked my '97 Legacy. Well since then I've owned a lot of vehicles '89 F150, '91 Explorer, '99 Grand Am, '94 Explorer, '02 Cavalier, '90 Cavalier, '99 Cavalier, '00 Grand Prix, '94 4 Runner, '93 Olds Ciera, and here I am again 1996 Legacy. I still have the Olds and it is my DD. I traded the 4 Runner for this Legacy because my wife wanted it. Now all that being said I swore off Subaru's for good a while back do to many reasons, most of the ones around my area are absolute junk with very little mileage.

Anyhow none of that matters, I have another Subaru now. I have gained a WHOLE lot of knowledge since my last Legacy. I'm just posting this to share a few details about my Legacy. It is the L model 2.2 auto. It runs a lot better than the '97 I had but desperately needs valve cover gaskets and has a bad tick, also the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor and it needs rear struts. Also the body needs some work. I am planning on pulling the motor and pretty much just going through it and cleaning it up inside and out. I am going to buy a gasket set also. Glad to be back!

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