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After reading this you may want to just lease a new WRX there is a pretty good deal on them right now....Many posts on here about maintenance/mods.. do some reading it has all been said time and time again....

-The more knowledgeable members will tell you more but...05 and 06 have catted up pipes-- bad for turbo/engine if they deteriorate replace with Cat-less (aftermarket or OEM Cat-less from later years).

-Many years have Screens/Filters in the Oil Supply lines for the ACVS and TURBO, which if clogged can starve the turbo of oil, which can be bad for turbo and engine. Change them or remove them. TSB on this.

-I think 07 and up have SI-Drive (Maybe Just Spec-b models not sure) They also have a poor factory tune so most will recommend open source tune or Cobb Access point to flash their tune or Stage 1. If you replace the stock Down-pipe with aftermarket (and changed up -pipe to cat-less up and checked your banjo bolts) then you can do stage 2.

-If it has higher mileage you may want to check the turbo for shaft "play" (movement) the turbos fail quite often it seems especially if maintenance wasn't kept up.

-Timing belt at 105,000 or 10 years.... spark plugs...

-05 has a Fan Relay Recall the relay goes bad and one of your fans will run constantly.

Also there is a recall. for rusty brake lines for Rust belt cars they can rust and fail.

-Lower control arm bushings tend to fail quite early on.

-Passenger inner CV Boot/Joint tends to fail early on due to proximity of the turbo.

-Aftermarket stereo install is a project, needing special two piece unit from Japan to fit aftermarket unit in place of factory unit.

-07 and up I believe have AUX input at least for iPood or whatever.... 05/06 do not.

-Most years have had issues with wheel bearings going out early on...


Get maintenance history if you can, do compression/leak down test before buying, if turbo was replaced ask why... when they fail they can send parts into the engine pretty much ruining it....


So on and so on and so on......

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If the owner cared for it and kept oil in it, they are excellent cars. I've owned two '05 LGT that saw 150k miles on original turbos, motors and trannys. Change the fluids, filters, belts, plugs, bearing, etc on time and they can really last.


'05-'06 I would suggest replacing the UP and banjo filter, simple stuff tho. 08 is the facelift year.

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