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First Suabru Questions 05 Legacy GT


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Found a good deal for an 05 Legacy GT with 107K on it for $6000 its an auto :( . Drove it for about 10 miles...everything seems great...even got the dealer to replaces the break pads for me which were slightly worn. But I did noticed a small oil burning smell coming from around the turbo area. I am set to test drive again soon but need to make sure this is not a huge issue and what else to look for.... appreciate the help on my first subie.
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I can feel your excitement! My LGT is also my first Subie i got back in Oct 2014. It'll be a year on the 21st! I specifically wanted an 05-07 GT Auto, and found it, and got it! But these bad boys do require some work, lots of research, proper maintenance, and money.

Also be prepared to put some $$ into it, to get it up to reliable standards as well for being a high mileage 05.


Things to replace/check:

Timing Belt/Water Pump (105K Service)

Replace OEM Up-Pipe with Sti/or Catless One

Boost Leak Test

Compression Test


Where are you located?

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I live in northern detroit michigan. Appreciate all of the advice! I just got the cars history today and its looking good. Was checked by a Subaru dealership at 107K flat in March I drove it with 107300....Thinking I will take it to a dealer to double check leaks and seals before I buy as I got the guy to put on a 3 month 3000 mile warranty.


History of the car:


54K - Transmission fluid changed and drive belt(s) replaced @ 54K


56K - Front Diff fluid flushed / Rear Dif serviced @ 56K


82K - Alignment checked @ 82K


84K - Rack and Pinion replaced , Steering gear replaced , Power steering fluid flushed CV boots replaced , another alignment @ 84K


92K - Front Dif fluid flushed , brake fluid flushed , coolant flush CV boots and joints replaced , rotors turned Rear Dif fluid flush , Alignment again @92K


107K - Then checked by a few Subaru dealerships for engine checks last March with regular maintenance between all of these for oil change and what not



seems like a solid car..... Just wondering if there is anything I am missing here.... I can't figure out why this car has been sitting for 7 months , guy told me it was supposed to be his brothers but he had a kid and didn't want to buy it anymore (Story from the dealer)... but it has been online for 2 months now...Just seems weird....



I'm kind of ready to snatch it up this week , only things that make me nervous are the sitting for 7 months and it has had 6 owners.......


Appreciate more advice!

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Owner History:


(Owner 1)Oklahoma 05' ->

(Owner 2) Arkansas 05' - 07' - >

(Owner 3)Arkansas to Colorado 07'-08'

(Owner 4)Colorado 08'-09'

(Owner 5)Then is skips to an owner in Michigan in 14'

(Owner 6)Then finally to the latest owner where I found it 15'


What I am stumped on it says it had an owner in Colorado 08'-09' but all these maintenance checks and miles were added from 09'-14' until it got to Michigan, all Colorado miles (50K - 96K) with the last to 107K in MI

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Hope it turns out. Check it over well. That is a good price as long as it isn't ready for major repairs. Search Google for 2005 Legacy gt problems. Lots of potential failure points in these cars unfortunately.


I am the 2nd owner of mine. Got it with 68,000. Registered to a female doctor so I felt pretty safe buying it..I am only at 84,000 miles at this time.

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Ill have to ask history of who bought it but not sure how to go back that far with 6 owners.... I have talked with the dealership guy again...got him to through in a water pump , timing belt change...hopefully the idlers too...its usually a KIT from what I have been reading...and am taking it to a Subaru dealership for tests tomorrow....crossing my fingers she passes the tests.


Thanks all.

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Take a flashlight and look for a burned off oil stain on the up pipe heat shields near the bottom rear corner of the valve cover if it has an oil smell by the turbo. If so the valve cover is leaking and will only get worse until it's replaced.
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