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Kenwood sat nav keeps rebooting


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I have a Kenwood DNX5280BT (similar to US version DNX6980 I believe) http://www.kenwood-electronics.co.uk/car/nav_mm/nav/DNX5280BT/


Yesterday I stalled my car reversing, and when I restarted it the system shut off and restarted as usual... but then kept on restarting like in this youtube video...



I have tried a few things including the reset button - but nothing has cured it so far...


It restarts about every 20 seconds, and also when the system is off and the key even out of the ignition you can hear a fan start up and run for about 20 seconds and the do it all over again.


It is possible to turn the screen off and back on with the main power button - but this is the only thing I can find that works...


Any ideas?

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