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Shaking during idle and oil smells like gas

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Hey guys, I just bought a 2008 legacy GT with 75,000 miles on it. everything seems to be going fine but I notices that the car seems to shake a bit when it sits idle. I'm just a new owner and it was a private sale so I over analyze everything. Is this normal for an older car? and the oil seems to smell a bit like gasoline. Should I bring it to a mechanic and have them look over the whole car?
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I don't know, but logic says the only way for raw fuel to get in the crankcase is by flooding the cylinders. This is pretty hard to do on any fuel injected car made in the last 15 years. As for rough idle, it could be normal as in the case of a high-compression engine with lots of valve lift/duration, or there could be a few culprits:


- spark plug

- ign coil

- spark plug wires (low volt/high volt)

- reduced compression in one or more cylinders

- oil leaking from valve cover fouling spark plug

- old/bad gas

- bad fuel injector(s)


I had the problem in my car and it was the HV ign wires, but I don't believe the GT uses these as each cyl has its own coil pack.

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Yes, have it looked at. but also start reading and reading and reading on this forum!! you have lots to learn and take in. You will see if LGT ownership is really in your cards. these cars on not normal, you must love them and nurture them. thrash them and they will thrash your wallet.
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