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the second coming of dustinsonger's (insert interesting tarmac motorsport here)wagon


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Thanks guys! :) always nice to know people still like this thing.


And @rhitter like @magnusonsubie said im still topmount so no hood venting yet. But i have been playing with the idea of dumping post radiator air out the hood somehow but i dont want it to just get dumped right back into the top mount so i have to work out ducting and vent placement.


To update though ive finally gotten around to ordering a few parts though to finish up for the summer, proper afr for the ecu to read and some minor stuff so we can finalize the tune for now.


also im getting closer to finishing my stereo for it. soon ill get around to finishing the rest of the box so it houses the amp and crossovers and processor and whatnot. All jl audio stuff. HD900/5 amp, c5-650 front speakers, cleansweep processor, bluetooth module, and 2 10 w6v3's. Its definitely not done yet. have some fun stuff for two more speakers and still have to wrap the box and lay laminate and whatnot on it but i do it in my spare time










and this is everything that will be put in the rear section of the box


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Doing some maintenence/upgrades/prep for winter to the outback. Proper afr meter, new gauge, end links that I've need for years now, various gaskets, and I'm making a "gauge pod" that will mimic the look of the factory cluster surround hump thing off to the right of the cluster. Also taking the splitter and diffuser off for the winter





Plus a couple pictures of rarely seen parts of the wagon haha




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got bored and decided to park the wagon and take care of some stuff on it since the winter here in northern wyoming is nuts this year.


Got a proper aos, made a turbo heat shield, replaced a coil pack, new plugs, and i decided to finally get rid of the stock airbox. Got a cobb sf intake but decided to hand fabricate my own airbox.










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I got one degree below ambient today with just my intake in the wheel well. I love what you did but.... maybe excessive? Excellent execution though.




I just read through the thread and though the pictures don't work, clearly Excessive is the theme.


I did notice though that with cold air intakes you may need to create an exit path for the high pressure air if you are hellbent on achieving the coldest intake temps possible. That way you constantly have access to air that has spent as little time in the low pressure area as possible. (I'm not an engineer). I tried a one way sealed box like yours and temps actually went higher then just filter in the fender well.

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good info xtea, i haven't really had much chance to do any real testing on it but ill get some numbers sometime with different setups. And haha yeah a couple updates from the last couple months.


this happened alittle over a month ago so that was pretty awesome





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broke my fancy headlight, broke the mounting tab on the radiator, popped the ac condenser, bent up the radiator support and fucked up the hood a bit.

Luckily USAA took pretty good care of me, so i got a koyo radiator, new supports, a new condenser, a new headlight (just a tyc because i was going to cut it anyways), and a new hood, and also picked up some suspension goodies i've been waiting forever to have the extra money to do





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I should add, im not living in the same place anymore so i dont have a shop below my house anymore so shit will not be happening at a crazy pace anymore, took me a few weeks to find all the time to do everything, have basically everything done now, just need to get the new hood painted sometime.


did the rear LCA's and the upper bushings back there, and did the front ALK and bushings. tightened up the car so much and she is so much more behaved now. Also, holy shit i cant say it enough, there is nothing i have done to my car that has made a more noticeable improvement across the board than doing whiteline's street Anti lift caster kit.


the tires have been changed since this picture was taken. dont reqally have any of the front stuff cuz its boring to look at


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Well I have not really been up to anything, had an scare happen last week when the turbo seals gave out but just got a new chra for the vf52. About time to step up to a proper sized turbo soon but wasnt ready for it atm. Outside of that, shes in full winter/outback mode and just enjoying the nice (read: cold af, but finally snowy) winter we are having here in northern wyoming this yeare93b2cfd784dc4b15f9392288465bc06.jpgfb8622e824ff8ee07a3e562a202f5d16.jpg


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Oh yeah I also picked up two nice cree led 5.6 inch motorcycle headlights and mounted them in the factory fog light holes, flippin amazing output, far better than the factory ever have been and I even have a high beam in my fog lights haha


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Just on a base map but running fine with the setup I built. Mr2 really needed attention so it's just getting me around right now. I've been wanting to put together more of the videos from the build but just haven't had the timehttp://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/60e35de592705/20210705_131838_1_960x540.mp4


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