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Where to begin with modifications to your Legacy GT

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Thanks! I was hoping to find this in a search.

I will be buying a 2006 Legacy GT in a couple weeks and wanted an idea of things I can do to it as far as adding just a bit of hp to it.


Does altering the ECM void warranty though?

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Brady, this is just what I have been looking for. Thanks! Since I am a new subi owner and finally ablt to "play" with a car I was wondering what some of the good mods are out there.



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First I installed a Revo Technica Boost gauge. It matches the best from any others ive seen posted to the factory gauges. And its much cheaper than Defi, lol. And its completely accurate, no noise, works 100% great. Much better than my Autometer one did in my vic.


The first main upgrade I did was Brakes. I ordered the Front Rotora BBK (the blue one to match my car). Heres a pic. I ordered the rear ones, and they will be in next week. I ordered rear calipers, pads, and lines. That will be plenty of upgrade for the rear, until I want to match the calipers for show purposes.




Followed my an AEM intake. Than I set up a dyno tune from DynoComp (an AWESOME SHOP! very expensive, very good/reliable!) I installed a catless DP the night before the tune, so I didnt have to drive untuned with a dp and an "INTAKE." Thats bad to have both untuned. A CAI is fine when being tuned. a Short Ram, is crap on Subarus.


I came out with a 65ft/lb gain and 28whp. The car pulls incredibaly harder now.


Next, I got some tint, than removed my exhaust silencer. I had a shop do it, that welded exhausts on cars with higher EGTs, to make sure the weld would hold up to racing. the car soudns freakin awesome now. Very low rumble, sounds very mean when at 2psi or more. Has a much much louder boxer rumble, but still sounds pretty stock with the factory mufflers/exhaust.


Here is the tint, and after about 50 layers of wax and 20 or so layers of detail spray, some polish, and other crap.





My mods are now in this order:


Rotora BBK (soon rear setup to match, waiting on my order)

Revo Technica Boost gauge and AVO gauge pod

AEM intake

Crucial Catless DP

ECUTeK dynotune (morning after I installed the DP the night before)

Limo tint on rear windows and 35 on fronts/windshield

Exhaust silencer replaced with straight pipe (25 bucks!, sounds freakin nice!!!!)



I think thats about it.

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Great post Brady...I wish this was around when I 1st got the car...


As for me, I went in this order:


Seatbelt chime (free!)

De-badge the a$$ (also free)

DRL disable (free again)

Tint (~200)

Ion springs (~400)

summer tires & wheels (18's) & snow tires (~1600)

Flat panel airfilter (AVO)/intake silencer removal (~60)

Jazzy Ipod mod (~50)

Xtec 4300k HID's (~350)

Cobb AP (~650)

Kartboy SS/shifter bushings (~125)

Hawk HPS brake pads (~170)


coming soon:


full exhaust


I SHOULD be done with it after the exhaust is finished... hehe



edit: ok ok maybe some sways and a TMIC but that's IT! hehe

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as far as tires go there are tons of options


options as far as sizes, widths, traction, temperature, treadware...


imo the 215/45 17 that come stock are small...too thin of a sidewall...


honestly 17s might seem a bit small bit if wanting to stay with the 17s then ur options from there would be 225/45 or a 235/45 giving you a wider tire which in turn puts more meat on the ground and effectively raises the sidewall of the tire up just a tad eventhough they are still /45s...this will give you a smoother ride and less jarring....rule of thumb is first number is ur width across the tread in millimeters...the second number is ur sidewall height in a percentage of the width...so a 225/45 breaks down like this...225mm wide and 45% of 225 is your effective sidewall height so if u take the sidewall and lay it over the treads effectively it would be 45% of your tread...thats a break down of tire sizing hoping it would give you a lil better understanding....


now onto 18's...

same thing applies with 18s ur options would be a 225/40 18 or a 235/40 18 which will be a bigger tire...therefore with a shortend explination i would go with the 18's even though they are bigger they are lighter setup per wheel and tire for whatever reason a wheel/tire combo in a 17 is heavier than a combo in an 18...hope this helps ur wheel and tire section

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I dont know if this counts as a record for modding/speed but this is what ive done in a 8 day period


day1: picked up car, half-assed installed front lip

day4: installed swift springs and cusco front/rear sway bars

day5: put on 17" aftermarket rims/tires

day6: installed megan racing catback system

day8: put on 18x8 rota tarmac 3s with 235/40/18 tyres


Anyways this is what i really wanted on the car before doing anything else, handling and grip before messing with powertrain.


I plan things in this order (more or less)

HID kit, blackout headlamps

upgrade brake kit (possibly stoptech fronts)

short shifter

upgrade rear solid endlinks




power mods: uppipe/downpipe/ECU reflash


then i'll be happy, for a while :)



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First off, I would say DO NOT MODIFY your LGT until you have several thousand miles on it. The 2005 LGT has problems with hesitation, stuttering, surging, weight distribution problems and more. If you do not work these problems out with your dealership BEFORE you modify - you will be left out in the cold. So drive your LGT for at least 5k to 10k miles and if there is ANYTHING out of the ordinary - go get it fixed by the dealer. Once you modify, you will be blamed for it and denied warranty.
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Good advice, except the dealership will deny any stuttering and surging BEFORE you take it in, so trying to convince them to fix this aspect of the car seems pointless (my dealership literally laughed at me and denied any knowledge of a problem and wouldn't even look into it. In other words, if it ain't broke, we ain't gonna fix it, mentality). :icon_conf
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Just wondering, I installed an SPT intake/heat shield on my 05 leggy and it is a little too noisy for my tastes. I am going to reinstall the factory air box and am deciding between the Blitz LM and AVO drop in filters. Does anybody have any recommendations between the two? I know performance will most likely be identical between the two (and the stock setup, for that matter), but I am looking for something with a bit more engine sound than stock but not as much as a cold air intake. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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