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My new 2015 twilight blue premium


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hey everyone,


Have been a member here for a while, but never really posted. I have owned many subarus with my last one being a 2014 Outback with alloy wheel package. Wanted to upgrade to a 2015 but wasn't waiting 15 weeks to order one. Decided to get this Legacy premium instead. I am loving it so far with the exception of 2 things:


the lumbar even at the lowest setting it too much which I see can just be taken out.


2. I think the drivers dead pedal is too high. Subaru usually always got that right but I just find myself moving my foot around to get comfortable.


Other than those 2 things I am loving it! Did awesome in our 7 inch snowstorm the other day. Since it was very warm here today(48 feels almost like summer at this point) and being a detailer, I decided to clean her up today.


What I did:

wash, wax x2, clean the glue off of the rims from the shipping plastic, and apply aquapel to the windshield.


Questions/comments are welcome!





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Thanks! If you have any detailing questions, I'd be happy to answer them.


Although I must warn you that I am great at making it rain. It wasn't supposed to rain until Wednesday but of course we had a light shower when I left for work this morning. It never fails when I wash the cars. A dark cloud always shows up.

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