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Soba noodle's 06 JDM 3.0R BLE

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Changed oil/filter with a genuine Subaru filter and Castrol Edge 5W-30. Then I thought why not and did the following:




Part numbers:




Rear fog/reflector removed, covers unwrapped




Then the rain started... :smt012








Was my first ever bumper removal, went smooth as and if not the rain would've been done pretty quickly (should've really done it in a garage but it was nice and sunny when I did the oil change - NZ weather at its best). Touched up a few rusty spots on the towbar while the bumper cover was off.


Really like the new look, much more "sportier" and subtle, not sure if I'd colour match the covers - like the contrast (plan B: get another set of outer covers and colour match them :cool: ).




Hi. I know you don´t have anymore this car, but I have one question. With this consersion did you still had any rear fog light, since you took off one of them?

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