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Thread How-to: Button functions and usage


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The site has functional "buttons" present in each active thread. These are found, left to right, along the top of any post:




This post is to familiarize users with the functionality behind these buttons to increase your productivity and enable you to creatively manipulate your text, photos and links within your posts, or to better use capability within threads.




EDIT enables posters to do basic editing to their texts, to change text color, add bold, italics and underlining to individual characters, to add-in URL Links, Photo links, and Quotations. These features are all found along the top left portion of the post area. Along the bottom right area of the post, there are also buttons to SAVE, GO ADVANCED, DELETE, or CANCEL


Clicking on the GO ADVANCED button enables posters to change their text font, size, color, add bolding, italics, and underlining, to align text left, right or centered, add line numbers and/or bullets, add emoticons, manage attachments, remove URL links, insert an email link, insert images, wrap quote tags around text, and wrap mention tags around selected text.


Similar to the EDIT button, all GO ADVANCED features are found along the top left portion of the post area. And, similar to the EDIT feature, along the bottom right area of the post, there are buttons to SAVE CHANGES or to PREVIEW CHANGES. Be sure to SAVE CHANGES to your post after previewing your changes.




REPORT enables members to report a post that's in the wrong forum, contains inappropriate comments, language, imagines, or, in some way, doesn't comply with the site's community standards. Use this button judiciously because it immediately refers this specific post to the Moderator Panel for staff action.




SEND PM redirects members to the Private Member (PM) interface. The username of the post where the SEND PM button is clicked is pre-loaded in the "To" line of the PM.




The SEARCH feature has two capabilities: Basic and Advanced. Clicking on Advanced enables members to search on keywords (within thread titles or within entire posts within threads) and on usernames (by User or by Threads Started by Users).




The QUOTE button captures a specific member's post text and opens up a new post with that text in it.




The M QUOTE button enables a member to capture multiple posts in a given thread. To see the multiple posts, members must then click on NEW REPLY at which point all of the M QUOTED post will populate into the new post.




Members use the THANKS button to signal their appreciation for a user's helpful comments, photos, or link(s).


As always, your feedback is appreciated.

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In the forum that you wish to post, click on the New Topic button in the top left area of that forum, and when the New Topic window opens, post your comments in that window and then click the Submit New Thread button.


Your post will load, and you'll be taken to it.

- Pro amore Dei et patriam et populum -
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I put a new headlight socket on my 96 subaru legacy. After rewiring this I discovered that the red wire when traced nearly to the frame/ body on drivers side has a fuse on it that is unplugged. I cant locate where to plug this into . Any ideas?


The "new thread" button is your best option

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