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Intake/Vacuum Leaks and YOU! PICS INSIDE


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bump for a couple customers that asked about this in recent emails and could not find the thread.


Hard to believe its been 3.5 years since I originally wrote these writeups....time flys!




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Ok, so I'm trying to troubleshoot a longstanding rough idle issue.


Got a smoke tester and connected 'er up. Put in 3 PSI but forgot to open up the oil filler cap -- for that lapse I got 1/2 litre of oil pushed out the dipstick tube and onto the ground. Fail 1!


Tried again with the oil filler cap removed. Lots of smoke passing through the intake, into the crankcase and out the filler tube, but nothing coming sneaking through the intake joints. Maximum pressure - 1-2 PSI with the filler cap off. Fail 2.


So what gives here?. I think I need to push the test pressure up to 6-8 psi in the top end, but the only way to do that is to cap the oil filler, but then I get oil pouring out the dipstick tube. I could drop the oil, but I've never heard that is normal for a smoke test!


If I drop the oil, and pump it up to 10 psi, should I not be worried about the rear main seal??


Fuel trims show +6 at idle, and -3 slight boost. To me that means intake leak, but how can i find it??


This is a previous rebuild documented in the thread https://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/2005-legacy-gt-wagon-bone-stock-rebuild-239871.html?t=239871

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