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Okay to use two different kinds of rotors?


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Hey there everyone. I have EBC GD Sport (slotted and dimpled) rotors on the front and stock LGT rotors on the rear of my 06 with Hawk HPS Blue pads on all four corners. Pretty much a spirited daily driver.

The front rotors are in great shape and were upgraded by the previous owner. The rears are the OEM ones from when the car was built.

Could I bolt on a set of DBA 4000 T3 rotors on the rear and keep the EBC ones on the front? Would doing that really affect anything since the DBAs seem to cool better?

Should I stay with EBC and get a set for the back?

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To be honest, I really like the EBC GD Sport rotors on the front when paired with Hawk HPS pads. Everything is really solid and the brakes are very good.


I'm still interested in DBA rotors. Should I? Would it be better?

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You should be fine either way.


Although I'm not sure what Hawk HPS Blue pads are!




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