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P0011 code and acceleration delay

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On my 3.0R MT...


Since I own my car (50 kmiles and many oil changes), every winter I sometime have a P0011 code that comes on and disapear.


I also have a strange behaviour since I own it : sometimes when I shift to upper gear, I have a delay of up to 2 seconds between the time I press the pedal and the car accelerates. I mean : I press the pedal after shifting, the car accelerates slowly (abnormaly slowly) and then 2 seconds later suddenly it begins to accelerate normaly. Most of the time this happens when rpm after shifting is 3000 - 4000 rpm.


Do you think the two are linked ?


What do you advise ? Clean right OCV or replace it ?

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2 or 3 kmiles max. But as I said, this happens since I have it, independently of the oil changes I have made.


Then in that case, look into replacing your OCVs. Since you are well outside the US, I can't recommend a proper vendor or acquisition method, I'm afraid.

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