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Front Speakers cutting out randomly


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I know crap when it comes to aftermarket audio. I purchased this car with already installed infinity Kappa Series door Speakers with the fronts attached to tweeters. All powered by a Alpine v12 mrv-f540. Running a Pioneer DD radio. May be an easy answer for some of ya, but I don't know. Recently, My front speaker woofers will cut out, sometimes the left side, but more often its the right. I can hear the tweeters operate fine all time.


I checked the speaker wires in the doors and under the carpets and physically they all looked good, still new in fact. I even reassured tight connections at the speakers, crossover, and amp. I thought maybe speakers are bad so I swapped with some good ones, but they still had the cut-out effect. I swapped RCA cables around thinking one of them were bad, but still get the same effect on front speakers. I even took the radio out and re-installed the harnesses.


I think it only does this with certain songs as well. It comes and goes, but if I raise the volume higher everything is normal oddly. I made a lil diagram how my setup looks. I'm not running a subwoofer btw. Another Note, There's a bunch of settings on the Amp, Such has HP and LP switches are dials. I dont know what any of that means, I never touched it since the prev, owner.


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Still having issues. I've checked all the connections already, things look good there.


Although, I did change the some of the eq settings and everything sounded normal again. See how long that'll last.


Ima swap radios and check again sometime.

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In this picture, set CH 1&2 and CH 3&4 Filter HP to ON. Dial to half way between the 30/600 and 50/1k, set switch to x1.


Filter LP to OFF for both


Input to 3/4


The gain should be set by a multimeter, but you can kind of ear it. Turn the gains down to a tick above MIN. Turn on head unit (HU), bring volume up to near max volume if it doesn't distort. If it starts to sound like shit before, turn the gain down a hair.


Your intermittent issue is possibly a component internal to the crossovers or amplifier, since you've checked all connections and swapped signal wires.

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