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Axleback Exhaust

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So...wasted a good portion of my Sunday afternoon trying to sort this out myself, hoping to get a response from someone who is familiar with the axleback exhaust.


I'm considering picking up a cheap eBay exhaust for an axleback replacement on a 1995 Legacy ej22. I've seen every answer from yes a 02-07 wrx axleback fits without modification, to you need to cut one hanger, to you need to cut all hangers, to you don't cut hangers but you cut and rotate the end flange...lots of claims of how it works, but never any pictures.


Can anyone give me an idea of the WRX axleback actually works? If I need to cut it all apart I won't bother.


And yes, I know the mid pipe is shorter on the wrx. Just looking at the axleback portion.

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So after more digging, I found a somewhat obscure reference in a Forester thread about an "SPT" Muffler from the GT Legacy which could be modded to fit a Forester. :lol: Seems like no one just uses the parts off their own model!


The Part Number was in an attachment/flyer: SOA8376400


Which through some googling, I found cross references to SOA8376400 / 248-388


Which then through an Impreza forum ( :lol: ) found out that a guy in New Jersey makes (or stocks) these mufflers for the 96-99 Legacy GT and sells them on eBay. Supposedly, they fit a 98 Outback Legacy through another forum. :spin:


Figured I share the link to eBay and the title for anyone searching for a similar one in the future!


Seller: Mikey3250




Auction Description:

Up for sale is a brand new Axel Back 96-99 Subaru SPT Performance Muffler Part # SOA8376400


Made out of Polished 304 Stainless Steel with a 4" round rolled edge tip and a 2" inlet (stock diameter) This axel back will bolt directly onto your stock exhaust system with basic tools.


This muffler will add looks and a nice little rumble to your 96-99 Legacy GT S/W.


You will not be dissapointed with this muffler.


Please note that this is the US version with "GT 2.5" stamped on the tip and not the Japanese version



I'm rather disappointed by eBay's search feature because this exhaust never came up in my searches for a Legacy axle back / muffler / exhaust / etc. But hopefully this helps someone else out!


Also, just an FYI, you can't jump on this and buy one, his eBay account is "out of the office" until the new year (Jan 2015).

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I just picked up an STi cat back tonight but won't be installing it for a couple of weeks. I've heard the same about lengthening it. I'll probably wait till next month to put it in once I get a header for it. I'll report back with pic's and details when it's done.
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So I ordered and installed the eBay axleback from Bosal. Damn did 2 bolts give me a long fight. It is cold here in Pennsylvania as well, about low 20°F. Can't wait to get up in 4 hours for work.


Install was easy, fit like a glove. I've facebooked a video, I'll need to upload to YouTube and share in the thread.


Sounds good out of the box. I also have the eBay header, so has good burble in my opinion. Loud, but not obnoxiously loud. Just wish I could quiet down the rest of the whines from the engine bay!

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Following up on posts today (were did the weekend go?)...


I did get an exhaust video on a GoPro. Then my cousin managed to delete it while trying to upload to the PC...We're super-cold now in the north east. On and off snow too. We'll go GoPro-ing once the weather lets up in a week or so.


I can say, that I'm very happy with the exhaust note. The sound remains at a reasonable level inside the car. Enough to know i'm "not stock", but not too much where "let me wake up the neighborhood".


Hopefully vidoes will be here before spring!

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Nice find, picked one up for my 99 GT. From what I can tell, Bosal is the original maker for the exhaust during that Era. From what I can tell this is their ancient warehouse stock they are getting rid of. Shipping hurt to the west coast but damn does it look good.
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