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How to get more light out of those crappy map lights in your 4thGen

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I finally got my leggy back after a deer accident(month later). So I started with the little mods that matter. I started by replacing every single interior bulb with LED's. When finished I wasn't happy with the amount of light coming from my map lights. So I took it to myself to do something about it. It was super easy,

-Started by taking off the light cover.

-Once removed you will notice that the clear piece separates from the grey piece that has the little square openings.

-Turned the squares into rectangles,

And check it out




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How did the LED install go? Was it plug and play?

Plug and play straight from ebay! Can't beat it, I got 10 for $5. They work great so far, if one goes out I have 2 spares for each light. ;). Smart thing to do is pull a bulb out when you order them and know the length so you can order the correct ones. I also did my license plate and trunk.(diffrent size and type than map and doors)

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