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06 legacy GT 90,000 miles. Good buy?


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Hey guys,

So I want to join the Subaru family and I've fallen in love with the legacy gt. The only problem is the specific one I'm looking at has no coolant reservoir? I've driven 4 of them today and all except this one had coolant reservoirs. I also drove the car for about 20 minutes and then let it sit at idle for another 5 minutes and the temp gauge stayed at oem operating temps. Never fluctuated or anything. I can post a picture too if that would be helpful. What do you guys think?

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Are you 100% that it does not have a reservoir? Would seem strange that someone would sell it without one...


On older cars you wouldn't need a reservoir because they were designed as closed loop systems and ran much cooler than today's car. But on a LGT, or any current car, you really should be have it, otherwise whenever the car gets hot, it will just dump the hot coolant on the ground rather than cycling it into the reservoir to cool off.


Take a pic of the engine bay if you are unsure and hopefully someone here can offer up some advice!! Hope you find an LGT you like!

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