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Please point me in the right direction for rear suspension mods


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I've done research for my 2009 OB Limited on subaruoutback.org and was told to come here to continue. I was told the OB XT guys have the recipe for success.


The car have 112,xxx miles on it. I know I need to replace the struts and some bushings. I would like to lower it 1" and not make it too stiff of a ride. I'm looking at putting aftermarket RSB, end links, and reinforce the RB mounts. New KYB struts and stock springs.


I've heard of guys using 2004 KYB OB struts. What about using 2004 Legacy springs on these struts for a slight drop? I have a used worn set of 2000 Legacy struts with springs I can test fit for height. I've also considered putting new 2009 or what ever year Legacy springs on 2004 Legacy KYB struts and using Primitive Racing upper strut mount spacers to get the ride height I want.


I'm also considering Whiteline rear lateral arms and toe arms. I have kill a couple birds with one stone. More adjustable for proper camber without buying the separate kit. More toe adjustment at any custom ride height. And all new firmer bushings to keep the rear from Ghostwalking.


What brands of these aftermarket parts do you recommend?


What can I do to mix/match stock struts/springs for a lower ride height?

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