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Did your outside door latch give a warning before breaking?

dave g

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My rear door latch on my 05 gave no warning before it broke, just stopped working. However, my 09 driver door latch just got very sticky this morning. It has a longer harder pull to get the door to unlatch, compared to yesterday. (like the difference between a crisp trigger and a sloppy trigger on a gun, it is now heavier with longer take-up) It got progressively worse the next two times I used it, within an hour. It is above freezing here and was over 50 in the garage this morning when I noticed it. I assume it is failing.
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The drivers side door latch failed on my '06 and there wasn't really any warning. If you look at how it works, there's basically a plastic finger that sticks up that pivots and operates the mechanism and the plastic eventually fatigues and fails. It's possible your feeling the plastic slowly tearing before failing as opposed to just a quick snap (what I think mine did, I didn't notice any change before it happened).


Good luck with it.

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