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Which Logger id?


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I got my first ecuflash from Cryo and got it installed. Between an older (read sloooow) lap top and not being edumacated on all this to start with it took awhile. Anyway I git all the ECU.code and everything uploaded but when Oli went to do a log I hit a road block.


It asked me for logger information. I have that downloaded but there are 6 choices and i have no idea which one. They srart out LOGGER_IMP, STD, etc. I can redo it and list all six exactly but hopefully somebidy knows which one for an 05 Lgt 5eat.


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You're referring to the logger definitions file. the _IMP or _STD refer to the unit set you want (standard vs. metric). Not sure where you are located, but just pick the units accordingly (or ask cryo what he wants - probably standard).
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