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Looking at a 2007 Legacy 2.5i Special Edition


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Oil leaks from the head gaskets, valve cover gaskets, cam seals. You're going to want to actually stick your hand under each head and touch them to see if there is any oil coming out as it's not always enough to drip.


At 105k on my 2009 2.5i SE I replaced:


- Head Gaskets

- Valve Cover/Plug Gaskets

- Idler Pulleys

- Tensioner

- Water pump

- Timing belt

- Accessory belts

- Cam seals

- Plugs/Wires

- Thermostat and housing

- Coolant/brake/trans flush


And A/C compressor (which had nothing to do with a service interval, just coincidental timing)

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HGs arent a typical fail on the 08-09 2.5i but still a good thing to check a mirror on a stick works great but reaching under will let you know if it is a big problem. Other than that the engines are usually the least of your worries on the non turbo side.
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