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Maint. on 2005 Outback w/ 120k? (Any good Subaru mechanics on Vancouver Island?)


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Hey all,


2005 Outback 3.0R with 120k miles. It's had some regular maintenance over the years at the local Subaru dealers, but it has been a while.


I know for sure it needs brakes servicing (deposits make the brakes rubby/pulsey from time to time), a transmission servicing, and new spark plugs (I don't think they've ever been changed out, and the fuel efficiency is the pits compared to other 3.0Rs).


There's a variety of other little things that I already know about with the suspension (which I'll probably hold off on). And I think it's been a long while since the differentials have been checked.


I'd rather not bring it into the dealer if I don't have to. But is there anything critical that I should have done there?


More importantly, are there any Subaru wizards on the Island?

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