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Fix your leaky moon/sunroof!

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I just fixed my leaky moon/sunroof. It seemed like a daunting task until i found an awesome how-to.




  1. Take your time removing the A,B, and C pillar plastics. (They are a PITA and they seem like they are going to break. If you pay attention, you can see/feel where the clips are and can remove them easily.
  2. Use a good quality Caulk (That's what she said.:lol:) You don't want to have to do this again.
  3. Clean and lube the track, makes a world of difference.
  4. Use 2, ideally 3, people to remove the pan from the car. Helps on install too.
  5. Zip tie or use hose clamps on the drain tubes. They come undone easily.
  6. Use this awesome how-to/write up: http://caverpilot.com/cars/how-to-remove-replace-sunroof-in-1991-subaru-legacy-and-stop-leaking-roof-or-headliner/

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Nice work bud! It really wasn't that bad of a job and I enjoyed helping out. Kudos on your internetz skillz for finding that link.

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