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Raising 97 2.5 Legacy, how to?


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I have a BG chassis. Its lowered and we want to use it for towing and light farm crossings.


I want to put in outback struts which I have already sourced at a good price as I read this is a straight swap.


Is there an instructional web page or youtube on how to do it, I dont have a manual.


I presume I need to hire a torque wrench and will need some wheel ramps.


It should take from 4" to 9". Legacy should have been 6" but this legacy is slammed.

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Jack the car up and put it on jack stands and take the wheels off. Break the lug nuts loose while its still on the ground. The front struts will have three bolts holding them in at the top in the engine bay and two bolts to the knuckle. One is a camber bolt so mark the setting so you can get it close when putting the new parts on. The rears are pretty much the same just no camber bolts. The three top bolts in the rear are in the hatch area under a plastic cover. Its pretty straight forward.
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