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Idle drop oil leak boost surge ???😩

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Hey guys cans gals my 05 lgt L has 85,000 miles with a 5eat love it to death but it's giving me problems it has a single exit invindn n1 exhaust and mid pipe has stock up and down pipe and a drop in K&N filter any help would be nice😀


1..It idles fine in park somedays other days it will vibrate you out of the seat? Like the car shakes and fills like a miss fire?


2..under boost to the floor (stock car) will surge and jult and buck?? But it holds boost perfect peak 12.psi to 11.5


3..while slowing down or comeing to a coast the rpm drop to like 200 and bounc back to like 1200rpm as if it was a manul trans but it's not it's a (5eat) any idea on this??


4..went had my oil changed and they told me I have a leaky oil pan gasket? And my oil cooler O ring was leaking any input on this would be helpful

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It's your single exit exhaust. Your car doesn't like it and this is how it's telling you that.


You really meant #ynansb right?


OP - if you can do some logging (access port or tactrix) and look and see if there are misfires that will give you a good idea what's going on.


Surges and bucks and doesn't idle smoothly are all signs to me that it's time for a compression and leakdown test. 1-3 all sort of point to that.


for 4. That's easy enough to replace. Search around and you can find a walkthrough on how to do that. It's common for that gasket to leak.

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