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Looking to borrow stock intake


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Hi all,


I just moved to Denver and found out how strict emissions are here, especially the visual inspections performed by state employees that I'm not used to. My intake doesn't have a CARB sticker so I'm looking for an 05 LGT (or any others applicable) stock intake to borrow for my inspection. If anyone could help me out, It would be much appreciated.


I am willing to drive to you with a 12-pack of your favorite brew.


Also, I have a stock down pipe that I'm willing to let others borrow if need be in the future.


"Love, it's what makes a Subaru a Subaru" ;)

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CARB = California Air Resources Board...


They tell you it would have been ok if it had been authorized for CA? Seems odd, but good luck in finding a stock intake. If no one has one to spare, check out the Denver Craigslist Auto Part section- I think it is these guys at this link that part out Subarus for a living...



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Doh! I actually failed the test with a high flow cat and they didn't get around to the visual inspection, and upon more research it seems that most people around here were failing the visual while still passing the sniffer. So then I assumed my CAI would fail me visually.


Anyways, that's GREAT news! I'm glad to hear it because after filtering through old classifieds I noticed stock intakes are scarce, and I was starting to get worried.


Question, will my perrin headers be okay for the inspection as well?

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