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engine swap?

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i have a 97 gt with 194k miles with head gasket replaced and top half rebuilt around 187k head gasket gave out again a couple weeks ago i want a different engine, i found a 95 legacy with 155k miles on motor is it a good buy and how simple is an engine swap? thanks
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IF the 95 ej22 is from an auto trans car,

it is the easiest engine swap ever done.

the auto trans engine has the needed EGR.

the manual trans does not.

without the EGR you will always have a CEL.

the engine will run fine,

but you may have a problem with re-selling or state inspections.



lots of info on tips and tricks for this swap,

do a search.

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Does the 95 ej22 from the auto trans car swap just as nicely into all 2nd gens? Just curious because I know someone who has a 95 L auto that is rusting out but the motor only has 130k on it and runs absolutely beautifully. I told them whenever they're done with the car I'll buy it.
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the 95 ej22 from an auto trans car is like the universal swap engine for

95 - 98 legacys L, LS, brighton (all ej22 cars)

95 - 98 impreza (all ej22 and ej18 cars)

(93 - 94 impreza ej18 cars, with the right intake manifold

96 - 99 legacy outbacks, LSi and GT

and 98 foresters, all.


NOT 99 ej22 cars.

NOT 99 foresters.



it will run in any of these cars with the existing computer

and with no major changes.


there are a few details specific for each model and year you swap into,

but nothing major.


the biggest issue is,

if swapping into an auto trans 2.5L car,

you need to use the flex plate from the ej25 engine / trans.

the flex plate must match the auto trans .

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