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Starter problems on '05 LGT.

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I think my starter is going out on my '05 LGT. I've already had the battery tested and it came back good. I've also cleaned the terminals on the battery (which looked new anyway) to no avail. The problem is intermittent. When I turn the key nothing happens, then after a few tries, it starts up. I do sometimes hear an electrical hissing sound while the key is being turned.


I've done a search here and it seems like it could be the starter contacts, but that was on an older '98 Legacy. Does anyone know if the contacts are still replaceable on '05's? Seems strange to have a starter die on a car with only 74k miles.:confused:


I should also note, for the 2 years I've had the car, it's always seemed to me like the starter turned over slower than most cars, such as the one on my Nissan Maxima. It sounded like a low battery. Is a slow starter a sign of worn contacts?

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Sorry for the late reply. Busy time of year for me and auto repair work is hard to get time for! Anyway, I ended up replacing the starter and finding that the starter was fine as the problem persists. I was able to return the starter though so no out of pocket there. The problem still comes and goes. Some days it starts fine all day, other days it's a constant battle.


What happens is when I turn the key I hear what I can only describe as a buzzing sound. It's the same sound you hear when the battery is dead. The battery was already tested though and came back good so I've already ruled that out. I don't hear a click from the relay though so I guess that's the next thing to check. I hope it's that instead of the ignition switch as that looks like a dealer only project.


Speaking of the relay, I've searched through the box on the driver's side fender and can't find a relay that might have something to do with the starter. What's the name of the relay I'm after?

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