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Rim and tire fitment on the 2nd gen?

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Ok folks been searching around the site for over an hour now and couldn't find this info, so I am gonna post up my questions here. If it is some where else and I missed it, I apologize.


I have a 98 LGT, currently stock and my DD. I was given a set of aftermarket 17x7.5 rims today with the correct bolt pattern for my LGT. First of all, will a 17x7.5 rim even fit my car and what should the back spacing be if it would? Also what size tire is recommended on this combo. Still stock ride height and will be for a long while yet. Thanks for your help folks.

Also, what rims and tires are you guys running on your Gen 2 ?? Post Em up folks, love to see what ya folks got.




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The major consideration here is the offset.

Without spacers you can go down to at least 48 deg.

Go here to see what will work. http://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp

I will take some pics tomorrow as I have Enkeis in 17x7 but with a 52 offset and 225/45 tires. Will add as an edit.

If we get a forecast for 4+ inches of snow, I'll put my 16" tires and rims back on.




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