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Best non-solid endlinks?


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Current suspension set up:


Jdm Bilsteins with STI pinks

WHiteline front and rear sways

Perrin solid endlinks

Avo RSB reinforcement brackets

Whiteline ALK

Rota Gravels 18 x 8 with Goodyear Eagle F1 assymmetrical 2 225/40/18


Current height, only recent pics i have:







Im thinking maybe this is a bit to stiff for daily driving around the shitty pot-holed roads of Dublin's fair city , Its fairly harsh over un-even surfaces so im thinking of swapping out the endlinks to see if it helps soften things up. Can anyone recommend some options? I hear something about moog links often coming up but i can find any links.


Next on the list is some fresh shocks and springs probably as im sure the Bilsteins are well worn at 170,000kms


I dont think i will ever track my car again so just looking to get a comfortable setup going and not have it sitting to high.


Any recommendations are appreciated :)

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I had solid endlinks with the Hotchkiss (COBB) swaybars before I did anything else to my car. That's not the source of the stiffness you feel, unless you are playing tetris with potholes by swerving alot.


If Bilsteins are well worn, your suspension is not working as well and will be transferring more vibrations to your seat.


"comfortable & not sitting too high, while driving on bad roads" are mutually exclusive unless paying big bucks.

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What would be good for daily driving so? Some kw's? Ohlons? I was thinking some new Bilstein b8's with h&r springs as an option


Actually don't know. Giving the road conditions you describe and the amount of lowering you want, you're likley looking at custom solution. Being lowered implies less suspension travel. Being comfortable implies more travel to soak up bumps.


My BC Racing c/o are set on go-kart suspension levels, so I either suck it up or try to swerve around them. There are areas of the city I no longer travel on because my vision would blur.


If you really wanted to try, I'd look into a 3-way c/o with custom valving. Something like this http://www.jrzsuspension.com/products/race-line/3-way.html or http://www.kw-suspension.com/us/kw_variant_3.php

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