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Maximizer Catback Exhaust


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Anyone have any experience with this brand? Or sound clips? I really like the black powdercoated piping, and i really like the price. My original plan was to get the Borla, but its a pretty penny. Debating if i should take a chance on these...



$400 Shipped on eBay


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Looks a lot like the generics sold on ebay but in black. I would inquire if the mufflers are actually packed with sound absorbant material as many are not resulting in an exhaust that is just too loud.


Gotcha. After some debating i might just go and wait for the Borla. Or I may even get a price quote and see if i can just replace OEM Mufflers with Borla, and new Borla tips. If its around the $400 range, i may consider that as well

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