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Did some home rust repair on my 97 Legacy this weekend

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The rust had eaten into the wheel well, and there was a hole straight into my trunk.








Cut out all the rusted metal, and welded some new sheet metal in on the lower section that the bumper covers and in the wheel well.




Welded in the remaining needed replacement metal and shaped it the best I could get it to stock shape.




After applying and sanding many coats of Bondo.








Temporary painting the section flat black. Will be bringing the car to the body shop after winter to get this section repainted.




Applied a new spray on rubber coating to the inside of the fender well.




All done. Not perfect but this was my first attempt at any body work ever. Definitely a big improvement from before.



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Kuddos to you, looks good especially for first attempt. I will likely be doing this to mine in the spring as the previous owner patched the same areas with fiberglass and bondo. Looked good when I bought it in June but has rust starting to pop through already.



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yea the previous owner did "rust repair" on this section about 4 years ago but I think the extent of that repair was just bondo layed over a slightly sanded down rust bubble and the rust just kept spreading on the inside and appeared fine on the outside until the paint stated to bubble last spring. I made sure this time that all the rust infected metal was removed and replaced with nice clean strong sheet metal.
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