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Out with the old...


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A new(er) Outback. The tranny on my 02 gave up the ghost last week and I don't want to put anymore money into a car with over 200K and cancer eating the rear quarters and door sills. I got a decent price for it on trade in. I paid $3k for it almost 2 years ago with 170k on it and got $1000 on trade in with almost 207K. One of the few Outbacks in area (Long Island) that had a stick.













New OBW will more than likely be kept fairly stock, aside from the LGT Wagon suspension and brakes, and maybe some 17X8s. I have no other real plans for it, since it is a daily driver, and I will be using it for work.

2014 Legacy 2.5i 6M - FB25 w/ a 6 speed

2002 Impreza 2.5TS - EJ251 w/ a 5 speed (The Stormtrooper)

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