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what is wrong with my AWD?!

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"O, help me Subaru gods!"


93 legacy wagon, awd, stock blinking power light says duty c is issue


ok, i finally had time to lift my subi on jack stands and see how the wheels turned


first: i lifted on side unplugged the tcu started car and put in neutral spun back tire and nothing happened


second: i lifted both sides and spun rear tire with engine off, one tire moved other stayed unmoving


third: i pugged tcu back in started car and put in gear, rear wheels tried to move then stopped while the engine idled and spun front wheels, then hit gass and the rear spun "fast" but considerably slower then front


Fourth: put in FWD fuse and tried again..... same as the third but the rear spun ....better?!


i am confused as to what is wrong, one person said a leaking seal inside the tail housing can make the AWD not engage but why is it engaging with the FWD fuse in?



EDIT: fixed the random smiley -_-

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I believe this is from an earlier thread that you started. Do you use the search function? And are you on bbs.legacycentral.org ? There is more info there as well.



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i am on that website also, and have asked the same question, and it was my old thread od "no torque bind" but this is more of a detailed issue of what is wrong.


and yes i do use the search funtion, no one i have read has my exact issue, trans issue yes but not the diff issue

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i am starting to get parts for that, my main question is, why is it not working like everyone says it should, with a duty c dead i should have torqe bind, or at least some power to the rear, instead i have no power and it is stuck in FWD without the fuse, also i was trying to figure out if the rear diff was acting right, i thought all regular diffs made the opposite wheel spin the other direction when turned. so the AWD system is under question as to should i buy parts for a duty c replacement or a donor car with a working AWD system to swap (car does have almost 200k)
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