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2006 JDM OEM sat nav DVD


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Hi all, newbie here.


I recently acquired an early 2006 legacy wagon, turbo, manual, from Japan. First, let me just say the acceleration is awesome, my wife doesn't like it when I gear down, stomp on the accelerator, and watch the rev counter go past 6k.


Anyway, I need some help from you all. The vehicle came with the original sat nav dvd set up, with the mcintosh radio, display screen, and the dvd drive in the glove box. I dont understand a single thing on the screen since everything is in Japanese.


Is there a way to watch DVDs while the vehicle is in motion? It blacks out once the vehicle starts moving.


Also, is there a way to disable the clock from auto adjusting itself? It is very irritating since the clock keeps readjusting itself to the local time in Japan and yet the vehicle's current residence is somewhere in East Africa.


It would be great if I could get the English version o the nav manual,

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I don't think there is a way to change the language option on the Nav when you purchased the vehicle from Japan.


If you search, there will be ways to watch DVD on your nav unit.

One way you can do this is to connect a DVD player to the nav unit via video input on the back of the nav. Then cut and ground the wire from behind the screen so you can watch DVD without it blackening out while the vehicle is in motion. For your audio from the DVD player you will probably need a FSL-21 for your macintosh so you can connect aux to your unit. Unless you upgrade your mcintosh to some new unit. (in which I will not know how to do that)

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An added DVD player would be your best bet. Any factory DVD player in the vehicle would most likely be region encoding 2, so that's something to watch for, though I know SOUTH Africa is region 2 as well. But most of Africa is region 5.
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