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10' legacy 2.5 idle issue.

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Hello, I am new subaru owner and bought this as a dd a month ago. 2010 legacy 2.5 6 MT 54k miles.


When I bring the car to a stop and push the clutch in, the idle drops to almost 500rpms and catches itself, then goes back up around 750-800rpms. It doesn't really show via the tach, but the car also has a loping vibration at the same time. When I start the car up when cold it idles around 1500 just fine and settles down to the 750-800 range with no issues. I'm not one to visit a dealership just have never dealt with a Subaru platform yet.


Just looking for some guidance on where to start looking.

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I would start at the dealer ask them if they have any Technical Bulletins pertaing to the rough idle issue that the 08-09 2.5is suffered from. My 08 2.5i from brand new till abotu 26K miles had this problem and Subaru applied a ECU fix to address the rough idle upon depressing the clutch. This was very annoying at stop lights and in low speed driving situation.


Your symptoms sound exactly like the ones many of us had with out MT 2.5i's.

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