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MA - Didn't pass inspection with Invidia Q300


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(also posed this in Intake/Exhaust at http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/ma-didnt-pass-inspection-invidia-q300-234473.html , wanted to get this group's opinion also)


Hey all,


I had an Invidia Q300 installed on my '05 GT Wagon over the summer.


It's loud - way too loud for me, and apparently also too loud for the garage I go for inspections.


They didn't fail me - they just declined to pass me.


I think I need to replace it with something, but I really don't want to go back to stock. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket option that's just a little louder than stock, and also available for the Wagon?


Maybe the Borla?


Or, alternatively, are the shops in Boston that will overlook an obnoxiously loud exhaust for state inspection?


Thanks in advance.

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i'm surprised. i had perrins on my old LGT and they were LOUD and still passed in worcester. where you located? i recently go to A-tech automotive in shrewsbury. one of the guys has a subaru and does inspections. if you really want to get rid of the q300, try SPT. they're quiet but noticeable WOT. prodrives are always top notch if you can still find them. good luck
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I'm interested in whatever place you find that will pass the car. Passing the exhaust noise portion of the inspection is one of biggest concerns when it comes to going stage 2.


My previous car had a section of the exhaust replaced and welded in at one point, and it was due for an inspection about a week or so before my LGT was scheduled for delivery. The place I took it to failed it because it was "louder than stock" when the noise level was imperceptable (I think they just wanted more work and were willing to give me a red R sticker to do it, but I drove home anyway). So, I'm very jaded and leery of anything in the inspection process that amounts to a judgement call.

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