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HELP! 97 Legacy Automatic Trans - All Gears Are Neutral

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I was getting on the freeway onramp. When the trans tried to go from 1st to 2nd, it went into neutral instead. Since that happened, ALL gears are neutral (except Park...which works as expected). Fluid is full and pink. Changed the front speed sensor. Nothing. No mechanical noises/grinding at all when shifting. Just acts as if all gears are neutral. Anyone have a clue?
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time to find a used trans?


check all 4 axles,

you could have a very weird combination of a busted axle and no power to the rear.

but i doubt it.

if park works then both front axles are working.


used trans: range in price from $500 - $1200.


sort by zip code to see what is close.

if you have a pull-n-pay parts yard you can get one for cheap.

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this happened to me last year, i barley made it off the free way thanks to a green light. we towed it to the shop and the said the gasket between the transmission and the transfer case blew, you have to pull out the tyranny and break the transfer case off it
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