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Gauge install quesyions

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OK I have been searching and reading a lot. There are quite a few older threads but none more recently and none I can find with auto meter gauges.


Anyway I have a couple of questions. First off I am installing auto meter boost & oil pressure gauges. Both electric. Oil comes with sender & adapter and boost comes with maf & t-fitting and small white tube. I just have to get some hoses...not sure what size - anyone know for sure? The gauges are installed in a cubby pod and the wiring is pulled into the drivers footwell.


Lockmedic was kind enough to post a pic of the rear galley plug but frankly I cant identify where that is under my hood from his pic. Does anyone have a pic or diagram that shows it? I want to use the rear instead of the front just so I wont lose the oil light. If I have the pod door shut I want to see that warning!


Where is the best place to access into engine bay? I read that there is a grommet on the firewall where the clutch pedal would be (I have an auto) but I sure dont see one. I plan on using a fuse tap as I dont want to tap into the trip computer wiring. Any wiring advice to get dimming with dash lights? Not an absolute requirement but it would be nice.


Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I found this pic with the plug demoved. Where is this? I dont recognize a thing





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