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Electrical or transmission?

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Ok, so my MY05 went weird today and seems to be doing it.

After 10 mins or so driving in 'drive' it starts to shift down from third into second then after a second or two, down to first then into neutral. The gear stick obviously doesn't move but I can see what's going on by shifting into semi automatic mode and get the dash gear numbers. I feel the car in neutral as when I try to accelerate it just revs with no actual go though.

I'm also getting what sounds like electrical sparking or cracking down under the centre console at the shifter base. This noise is intermittent and starts when the gears are getting messed up.

The car will shift back to normal driving for a few meters then it plays up again.


Subaru told me today it was the trip computer. Is this right? I don't want to pay out over $500 for this and find its not the issue.

Any ideas?


This is an Australian model but should be the same specs.

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