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Alternative Methods for Mounting GrimmSpeed Relocation Kit


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Okay folks. So first off, I want to get this out there ahead of time. I bought a part in the excitement of owning my new Legacy and neglected to check if the pre-existing modifications to the car prevented that part from being installed properly. It was stupid of me not to check. I'm a dumbass for not doing so, but I feel reluctant in returning it if I can figure out a way to get it to work.


Allow me to elaborate.


I live in New Jersey. We have this stupid DOT regulation where we have to have a front license plate. Yes, it sucks. Many of my fellow NJ drivers and tuners are aware of this fact. HOWEVER, GrimmSpeed was kind enough to create the license plate relocation kits that work for my '07 LGT. Unfortunately, the existing modifications on my car include a MASSIVE FMIC that has the piping routed through the hole where the front tow hook mount SHOULD be. It's been clean drilled out and cut and modified. The front bumper has been cut and modified in a similar fashion to fit the FMIC.


For now, my front plate sits in a nice pretty COBB frame mounted square in the center of my bumper. Not the best option, but it works for now. My question is, has anyone heard of anybody mounting that frame in another fashion or in another place on the bumper? I realize this may require some fabrication work, etc., but I'm curious to see if it has been done before and if it's something I can do.


Unfortunately as I type this its rather dark out so I'll include photos at a near future date. But please, any suggestions are welcome!

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