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1998 Legacy 2.5GT Red!!!


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Just picked up a winter car which I had no intentions to do anything to it but........!!!! lol Decided to restore it and make something nice as my dayly winter ride. My other vehicles are, 2009 Toyota Yaris RS, lowered and tuned. 2002 Audi A4 Quattro Avant 3.0 V-6 lowered.


Got this 1998 LGT for less $1000 from a kid but holy c@$p did he go nutz with the spray can. Interior was painted red and gold like an Iron Man theme, dash trims, door panels, shifter knob and boot. LOL The doors especially passenger side where rusted through with holes.





Found a 1999 at Kenny u-pull scrap yard that just got in, same model and color. Off we went to go parts hunting. Got four doors, rear lights, all front lights plus fogs, rear corner panels and all the dash trims, vents, etc... We where driving my friends Jetta TDI, lowered the electric windows from the doors I purchased via a car battery, wires and magiver. LOL




New doors on.



So far I replaced the headlights, corner markers, rear lights, four doors, all interior trim. The seats are tan leather and not the originals, going to pick up all seats in black leather with heated front ones plus center console. Mine is gold and red, also missing the switches for heated seats.


Suspension was lowered 1.5" and shocks are unknown (rust) but a sport ride and still good. I have one motor mount finished, ordered all new ones. Brakes barely work in the rear, seized guides I predict plus parking brake doesn't work.


My plan.............repair all mechanical so it's in 100%. I work at a ski hill and won't have time till mid January to put time in this car, that's when things calm down at work for me. But when I'll get the time, car is getting taken apart to do the body at my friends shop. All removable parts like hood, doors, fenders, etc..., their getting redone and painted in my shop. The car will be staying same color with white 5 spoke wheels.


Let the fun begin. ;)

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I went to Kenny U-Pull scrap yard again this past Wednesday, picked up the following.


- Front heated leather bucket sets (dark Grey)

- Rear leather split seat (dark grey)

- Center console, heated seats switches and wires

- Side interior pillar trims

- Trunk carpet liner, floor liner

- New radiator with fans.


Already installed the seats and finished the trims but the kid who owned the car before me cut out the heated seats wires and connectors. Dumb little sh*t. I'll deal with that later and today I'll clean up the new console then install it. I'm also installing two toggle switches for a double set of offroad lights, 100watts each, 6" dia. on a custom push bar. I also still haven't done the motor mounts but I'm on it too and some more work the next 5-7 days. Doing a 1300km (700 miles) round trip late at night and half of it on a small snow covered dark road.


I'll post some pictures later today of work done.

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Drive shaft u-joints are going and their the non removable stacked-in type. In other words you replace the entire drive shaft at $400 usd about. I figured their was surely someone making replacement joints and bingo, Rockford makes them. ;) $20 each and theirs 3 so I'm ordering them today.
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