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Looking at a couple of 2012 LGT's


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So, I am a former LGT owner. I had to give it up when a combination of job loss, industry crash, and family growth made owning the car just not possible.


Things have changed greatly since and I am looking to get back to my LGT.


I have found a couple of 2012 LGT's. Not having stayed up on the generation of car, can someone, anyone, everyone provide any info about the common issues for the generation?

I previously owned a 2006 so there are going to be some similarities, but any and all information would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!!


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The 2012 is the best of the 3 years of GTs that were offered for the 5th generation (2010-2012). There are some suspension upgrades and interior upgrades above the previous 2 years that are worth your while and the 2012s only came in Limited trim. Really no common, reoccurring issues across the board for the 2012's. Some of us had some sunroof, headliner, auto headlight sensor and clutch issues, but those were not GT model specific and easily resolved with a trip to the dealer. A few turbos were replaced under warranty but the 5th Gen GT doesn't have the same turbo issues that were so common with the 4th Gen GT. The 5th Gen GT has a low mount front turbo which affords us BUTTLOADS of low end torque and Stage 1 tunes routinely see over the 300 ft/lbs of WHEEL torque threshold, yes...with just an ECU flash.


It's a great car!! I would highly recommend it. Visit the 5th Gen Model Specific forum and check out the community. We have a great bunch of knowledgeable folks here to help you with anything and everything.




Good luck in your search for a car. They are RARE!! Only 227 GTs were made for the US in 2012. You would be part of an elite group that own the last of the Legacy GTs.

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