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Location of galley plug?

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I have been doing (a lot of!) searches for oil pressure gauge install. I am using auto meter gauges and have the sender but no kit or plate. Its supposed to be an easy install but where is this galley plug on top of the engine actually at? Anybody have a pic?
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If you're talking about the rear galley plug, it's here:




That's looking down between the intercooler and manifold on the right side. Throttle body is in the top right of that pic. Mine is a Baja turbo with a bunch of STi goodies on it, your IC archetecture is different but the long block is the same so it'll be in the same place.


but you need something like this to make it usable:






. . . plus a short whip (about 12") of braided stainless hose with 1/8" NPT fittings on the ends. . . because there's no way you'll fit a sender down there.


Front galley is occupied by the stock oil pressure switch (not sender, it just turns on a light). It lives under the alt. I opted not to remove it or tee it as there's not much clearance there and I wanted my stock idiot light to continue to function.


Here is an 08 block I have laying around. Front sender is right near where it says "EJ25". Rear is obscured by all that secondary air injection crap.




Pic of an unmolested rear galley plug on the same 08 long block (it's the socket head thingy just about dead center of this pic):



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No, you don't. Why are you accessing the injectors for an oil pressure sender install?


Im not. I have gauges, injectors & fuel pump to install.BTW I dont see how I can access the passenger rear injector without taking the power steering resevoir or something off...it is buried.


Lockmedic, thanks very much for the pics and advice. I would not have known the fittings were different. I have the adapter in hand. Additional NPT connectors with hose fittings will be in hand today. Are male hose fittings OK or do I have to have union fittings? Having a hard time finding braided hose though. I am guessing 1/4"? Is there anywhere to order that line from?



ETA: Max yes that was done when I replaced the turbo & all the hoses, etc, etc


FWIW I just did a soapy spray test and saw absolutely nothing bubbling from anywhere.

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I can't remember where I got mine but I think I wound up using NPT to AN fittings on both ends which is kind of silly as you can install this whole mess without a swivel anywhere. This would be easier:




Use that with a 1/8" NPT brass coupler (female to female).


Don't forget to crank the motor over a bit to purge the air from the line before installing the sender. Turning it over by hand was enough to get mine bled.


tris--I'm glad to see that my spare block IS gathering dust!

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Make sure you have the same threads on everything. My galley plug adapter was a Subaru OEM part with a BSP thread pitch. I had to order this to adapt it to my 1/8"NPT thread sender for my gauge.



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OK. Found it. Unfortunately not once did anyone say "step one... remove intercooler". That sure would have made it about 110% easier. Anyway, here it is:



And here's an unexpected problem:



You can see the old plug on the left is much larger than the supplied adapter on the right. GTeaser does that link you have provide one large enough? The outside of the threads on the old one are approx .704" or 17.88mm.

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Get this one linked by lockmedic, it has 1/8" NPT threads for your sender/fitting.




The one that I linked is only needed if you buy the Subaru OEM galley plug adapter which has unusual BSP threads and converts between the BSP and NPT threads.

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