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'99 Legacy GT Wagon

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I am searching for my first car, preferable a Subaru.


There is a local selling a Legacy GT with 171k miles for 2500.


Cloth seats, just the basic GT. The right side body near the tire is messed up due to a blow out. Other than that it looks to be in good condition.



My dad and I went to check it out and it appears to run good. He doesnt have much experience with Subarus or the boxer engine.


One of his concerns was that the car shook a bit while idle, and while shifting into and reversing. Not too noticeable, but it was something that concerned him. It also didnt appear to leak oil. Everything on it worked.

When the car accelerated it ran like a dream. The car is auto :wub: with the 2.5L


I just wanted to know what this issue could be caused by. Also, what else I should look for? Is this a fair price, there are not many Subarus in my area. Do you think I could lower the price. Any information helps, since I am not familiar with these.

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Price seems fine for a car of that age and runs. Remember, in this day and age, it's hard to find a good running car for under 4k -


Idle shaking is pretty common, though, the RPMs shouldn't be surging or wildly jumping about. The 'shakes' you feel are OK, and likely due to worn engine mounts. Nothing to be too concerned about.


What year are we talking about, here? If pre-2005, you should be OK. If 2005 or newer, there will be a whole laundry list of things to check before you sign for it -

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