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60mm center caps

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I am trying to find out if the center caps below will fit the stock 05 lgt wheels. I know our outside diameter is 59-60mm but I don't know about the clip to clip or w.e (mine are missing on my car). Just want a nice little touch before I buy rims



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Based off a little experiment I just did, my worry would be the diameter of the face of the center cap, assuming your 05 wheels/center caps are the same as my 09 wheels/center caps.


I took measurements of my oem center caps, vs some old sport edition center caps I have lying around.


OEM center cap had a 54mm diameter on the inside of the cap, 58mm diameter on the outside of the cap.


Sport edition center cap had around a 55mm diameter on the inside of the cap (+/- 2mm as you can see in the picture), about 59.5mm diameter on the outside of the cap.


The sport edition center cap would fit in my wheel most of the way, but it would not fit in all the way no matter what I did. So I would make sure the diameter of the center cap face is 57mm-58mm. I don't have a dial caliper, to get a 100% perfect measurement, but these should still give a general idea.


*I just realized the link you posted is a mobile site link, so I didn't see the cap specs at first. After seeing that they say the diameter is 60mm, I wouldn't buy them for myself.








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