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Whirring/Whining Noise coming from engine bay

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I got my ECM replaced yesterday by the dealership for the radiator fan recall. Prior to the service I never heard this sound. So far it seems to only happen during cold start idle and is intermittent and does not follow a specific pattern (as far as I can tell). Any one have any ideas as to what it maybe or experienced this themselves? :confused: Also the entire time I've owned the car it has had the constant radiator fan on problem until yesterday. Plus I don't know how long that problem existed prior to me purchasing the vehicle.


Performance Mods:

OEM STi catless uppipe

Grimmspeed catted downpipe

3" catback

Cobb accessport Stage 2 93


Heres the link to the video/ car was cold start idling


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Yea the car is a manual trans. I know one of the bearing be it the throw out or input shaft bearing is bad or maybe both. During deceleration I get a rattling noise from the trans that goes away when I push in the clutch. Only asking since I never heard this sound specifically before.
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if you know that one or both bearings are bad, stop driving the car until its fixed. if you're mechanically able to change a clutch its pretty easy to get to those parts on these cars.


I wish, but this car is my main source of transportation so I can't let it sit. I will change the bearings myself but doing it in the driveway in 10F isn't something Im looking forward too :nono:. Also figured since i'm already down there might aswell put in a new clutch too.

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