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Um... All the lights are on, stumbling acting weird... just replaced front suspension

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Spun the car finished off the front drivers side lca rear bushing. got all that back together with all new parts and that's good. The bad now is I turned on my car and first thing I notice (it's 15* out is both fans come on at full blast) so ohwell start it up and it's idling at like 1500 and the check engine light is on cruise is flashing at me, 4wd light is on abs light is on.. err 55 is on the dash. do a quick google of err55 and abs sensor, sure I could have knocked it replacing the suspension time to ignore that clear it out and move on.. but it instantly comes back on P0500. Take it out for a test drive and want to find out why the fans are on. well. it's stumbling and acting totally funky



Sorry for the vertical video, came from snapchat. that's about 75% constant throttle in drive accelerating from a stopsign. Could a faulty abs sensor cause that?



It has been sitting for the past 2 weeks while i've been waiting for parts so i'm hoping nothing chewed through wires. P0500 is the only fault code in the computer



When it spun I drove it after and it was fine other then feeling a bit loose up front from the lca bushing and some bearing noise (which got replaced)

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unplug the connector to the abs sensor on that side and then plug it back in. see if that clears it.

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It fixed its self after I ordered the parts?


So i tried pulling the sensor wire off started it drove it around same issues


Put it back on same issues


Pulled the battery out stuck it on the charger (it was weak starting probably from sitting for a week or two and being too cold) Stuck it back in there


dash lights all off car runs fine (minus slightly hard shifting)

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