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JDM 05 to JDM 08 face lift.


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So i decided to go ahead with this upgrade, using the excuse of needing a new front bumper as a justification, due to switching from a FMIC back to TMIC and various badly fitted front lips over the years and bumps and cracks its time for a new one. I thought since mine already is an early jdm 2.0GT i could get away with just the bumper skin and headlights. After some research and quick chats with valleylegacy(very helpful!) it turns out i need a lot more than that. I originally thought that everything would have to be ordered from Japan, brand new but after reading another members thread on here the 3.0 spec B EDM model shares the same front end as the 08 jdm model. So i asked my local Subaru dealer and the can get a lot of the parts for me easily so i nearly have a complete shopping list together and sources too. Here's what i have so far:


Description Part number

side bumper clips - 909140007

08 bumper skin - 57704AG220

fog light cover RH - 57731AG740

Fog light cover LH - 57731AG750

Left fog unit - 84912KG051

Right Fog unit - 84912KG041

LH fender - 57110AG0909P

RH fender - 57110AG0809P

bumper bracket side RH - 57707AG090

bumper bracket side LH - 57707AG100

LH arch liner - 59110AG081(possibly not required)

RH arch liner - 59110AG091(possibly not required)

FL headlight RH - 84001AG360

FL headlight LH - 84001AG370

headlight bracket LH - 57707AG050

Headlight bracket RH - 57707AG040

headlight bracket screws - 57737GA290

Honeycombe grille - 91121AG151

STI lip - ST96020210*0


I need to figure out which headlight units to go for as there seems to be two different types, so somethings i need to figure out


08 Xenon HID headlights with built in washer (jdm and certain EDM models)

08 headlights with no washer( also HID?)


Since my current headlights are factory HID will they wiring be the same and will the newer headlights plug and play nicely into the wiring?


So the end result will hopefully go from my tired looking 03-06 jdm 2.0GT front end:










To this fresh new 06-08 jdm facelift lift style ( courtesy of liberty club member gloryboy)









Any updates will follow as i gather all the parts i need and figure out the unknowns, im sure there is some other parts i havent discovered yet, but hopefully they are not too expensive!


Then i may consider a butt lift to and upgrade the rear end too if its not soo costly. Stayed tuned for more updates :)

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Yep as Andy mentioned no DRL setup on these. Headlights were plug and play. The only part of them that didnt work was the built in washer jets, which require a different screen washed reservoir and pump which I never got around to do. The JDM facelift headlights don't have this washer, the ones are used were UK facelift version
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