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Brembo's for an 06 LL Bean sedan?

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Hello I'm looking for front brembo's for my 06 LL Bean Outback sedan, I am not even sure that they can fit without changing the hub and I can't seem to match up anything on ebay to my car. If it's possible please let me know if anyone has any experience! Thanks much !
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...but bone brakes are bad.

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your better bet would be to do a LGT brake swap. It's a lot cheaper and nearly as effective, you just don't get the Brembo bling.


I did the LGT brake swap on my Outback and took my car to Sonoma raceway. With StopTech pads, fresh fluid, Stainless lines, and crappy tires I had no brake fade.


I am very happy with the around town performance of them. If you want bling get the Brembos, if you just want better braking the LGT swap is worth it.


For the LGT swap you need brackets, calipers, and LGT sized brake rotors.

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